the club restarted on Sunday 25th September, enrolling will still continue on the 11th October.  PLEASE NOTE:  due to a major swimming gala at the Citadel on the 4th October, the club will NOT be on.   RETURNING 11th October.

See you all then…..

Want to join us..

The Citadel Lifesaving Club will be restarting after august, and as usual we will be running ROOKIE Lifeguarding Courses for the 8 – 12 yr olds…Survive and Save program for the 12+ year olds…
ROOKIES £25 for 10 weeks, and Survive and Save £35 for 10 months.
ROOKIES….must be able to swim 6 lengths of Citadel pool….

It’s a life skill, teaching kids how to be safe near and in water….Remember, we live on an Island and it could sink any minute!!!!!